The Coin 

Why buy our coin? 

 For private individuals 

In the medium term, consumers can purchase houses, land, worlds, tickets and other things from us by buying NFTs. NFTs serve as proof of ownership that is valid for limited or unlimited periods. Tickets are used for various events, sports activities, access to games and other topics. We are currently working on the clean integration of NFTs and a payment system via our sustainability marketplace. 

 For companies 

Companies can use boards in public spaces in the GreenGalaxy to post social jobs and/or social projects to achieve their goals according to the SDGs. Furthermore, there are other opportunities for companies to improve their own green footprint and purchase products for this purpose. The GreenGalaxy also offers a reporting and audit service for cooperation with companies, which confirms their commitment to achieving sustainability goals. 

What is free?

The GreenGalaxy has and keeps many free ways to connect with others, interact socially and use free content. (Commitment not to have more paid products than the others - 50% of your money goes to sustainability) 

NFT Protection - we are a project

Unlike many other projects, we don't just start with words. We already have a strong foundation consisting of software, 3D models and other valuable content. 

If our project doesn't succeed, you are still covered. Either way, you can buy our NFTs via our coin and, in this worst-case scenario, simply use them in other metaverses. 

cannabis blockchain


Our coin is the currency of our world. In Crazy Weed, you can use our currency to purchase not only virtual properties and houses but also pay for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and experiences/events. Moreover, in the near future, you'll be able to buy physical items from our VR shop using the coin, which will then be delivered to your doorstep. When you earn money (through our upcoming play-to-earn solutions), you can exchange it on an exchange for USDT and cash it out in fiat currency.