Welcome to the Green Galaxy 

The GreenGalaxy is the world's first sustainability metaverse. 
First of all: sustainability is much more than just environmental protection. 
Sustainability stands for fairness, transparency, equality, quality, health and, of course, the protection of nature in all its facets. 
Our metaverse is a power-to-the-people metaverse in which sustainability for people takes center stage. 

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a digital space in which you can interact with others in a similar way to other social media. A special feature of the metaverse is the 3D representation in which you immerse yourself with the help of an avatar. The avatar thus becomes your virtual self - your you in the metaverse - and the metaverse is built for this avatar. The word "world" describes worlds from the metaverse very well, as you can do similar things in the metaverse as you can in the real world. 

Examples of your "life" in the metaverse 


Even in our first phase (expected from May 2024), you will be able to interact socially with others here. Due to the focus of our metaverse, the topics are strongly based on topics that help us as humanity. Of course, you can also meet up with friends here. 

Doing good and or earning money 

In the GreenGalaxy you will find project and job boards around the topics of sustainability, innovation and research through which you can actively earn money. Companies can post and be linked to unique talents.


We are actively working on allowing you to buy virtual properties, houses, worlds, furniture, clothing, events and much more in our metaverse. This way you can give your avatar a virtual appearance, experience adventures with it and give it a virtual home where you can meet up with friends and family.

Have Fun

Doing good, interacting with cool people and a top-design house in the Metaverse is great - but besides all that, it's also about having fun. As Metaverse, we also provide a platform for games, sports and other cool activities so that you simply have a great time here.

We are More

We are not only the GreenGalaxy but also The Absolut. Our metaverse is connected to a metaverse builder that enables companies to enter the metaverse more effectively and efficiently through a prefabricated system, similar to Jimdo, WIX and similar systems. Revenue from this builder flows into our overall concept. 3D website / VR store from us saves companies valuable time and also the search for suitable developers and project managers. Our blockchain database is also optional, which can also lead to certification when used.