Social projects of the GreenGalaxy

On this page you will find "social projects" that you and everyone else can use - free of charge! Social here means based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*). The site is also a goldmine for schools, universities and anyone working on the SDGs. On the respective project page you will also find the co-sponsors of the project who have helped to bring it to life. 

Do you want to get involved in projects as a private individual?
Do you want to support social projects (within the framework of the SDGs) as a company or tender some yourself?

Our projects 

You can find the latest ones above. Follow us on X, Discord and check out the "News" to stay up to date.


Our own business course that brings our structure into business knowledge. Both as a preliminary course in business administration and to promote an entrepreneurial mindset.

3D Viewer

Our 3D Viewer is your easy entry into the 3D world. Our user interface, which is also reminiscent of Blender, is intuitively designed and lets you walk around in your own 3D scene today. 

3D Library

We offer a constantly growing 3D model library. You can use it even if you have no idea how to create 3D models.


Our exclusive marketing strategy that is an innovation for product creators and brand owners.