Become a part of our social projects

GreenGalaxy builds its own social projects in which you can participate as a private individual or company. 

For companies

You can buy shares in projects published by us (via our knowledge database) and receive verifiable confirmation from us.  This improves your green footprint directly and in a future-oriented way - especially if the project itself generates an impact and your green investment increases as a result. 

It is also possible to advertise your own projects within the framework of the SDGs, for innovation or research on job boards. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

For private users

You can apply in the Green Galaxy for all projects that are advertised on boards and or simply join in. Just connect with us on Discord. The Green Galaxy is just starting, but we already have very cool social projects BUT - and now comes the best part - we will grow extremely fast! This means for you, in the very near future, that you can find the most meaningful jobs in the whole Galaxy or maybe even in the whole universe, with which you can earn money ($) and or our coin.